Our Approach

What Makes Corps Consulting Unique?

  • One partner or both are responsible for each assignment. But you can count on both of us being involved in all phases.
  • We seek out targeted individuals and do not just search a database or run advertisements. 
  • Weekly progress reports are provided by either phone or electronic means.
  • Once a candidate has expressed interest we receive a resume, conduct an interview, phone, video teleconference or face-to-face, when possible.
  • Their resume and our comments are then forwarded for review.
  • References and appropriate background checks are conducted when both the candidate and the client have expressed an interest.
  • Each and every candidate is treated with respect and professionalism.

Why Retained Search?

  • Retained consultants take necessary time to know client.
  • Proactive, not reactive, i.e., do not use Ladders, Indeed or similar sites.
  • A true consulting approach, ability to look for possible candidates “outside the box.”
  • Limited number of engagements per consultant.
  • Time spent by client kept to a minimum required due to candidate screening; most should be on target.
  • Guaranteed employment for a year or more.

Five Myths in the Hiring Process

Myth Number 1: “Everyone wants to work here.” 

  • Sometimes true, sometimes not. Always assume the candidate needs to be sold on the opportunity. Do this after you have evaluated them and believe they are a possible hire. Do not ask, “Why do you want this job?” but later ask, “Why is this position of interest?

Myth Number 2: “My gut feel is almost always right.”

  • Make sure you have read the person’s resume and remember it. Take notes on questions you want answered. Ask “why” questions and above all, listen to the answers.

Myth Number 3: “I only need to know technical skills, not personal feelings."

  • In fact, the person’s history, values, likes and dislikes are all very important. Will they be a good fit with other staff?  

Myth Number 4: “Since you were referred by a friend/relative, you must be OK.”

  • Not always the case. Conduct the thorough interview and follow that up with 3-4 solid reference calls. Treat all candidates equally and do not short cut this process. Check degrees, if any.  

Myth Number 5: “I only need 15-30 minutes to interview and I will know.”

  • Not enough time to conduct a complete interview. No interruptions; no phone calls, etc. Ask each candidate the same 3-4 standard questions and take notes, Try to see all candidates within a certain period of time. Finally, check out grooming, eye contact and all the so called “other intangibles.” 

This was strictly a crash course in selection. Finally, leave enough time for the person to ask questions and above all else, PREPARE FOR THE INTERVIEW.