Corps Consulting

In 2016 Bill Wood and Joe Bob Lake registered Corps Consulting as an LLC with the goal to conduct retained executive search with values anchored in client commitment.

Corps Consulting Client Commitment

The values below were ingrained in our character as we served in the Marine Corps and the West Point Corps of Cadets and as combat officers in Vietnam.


These are the principles that underscore our approach to business and have led us to name our partnership Corps Consulting. 

  •  Personal Integrity
  •  Mission Oriented
  •  Commitment
  •  Professionalism
  •  Quality Results
  •  Client focused

Though not totally encompassing our values these words represent what we promise to bring to each client.


Corps Consulting adheres to the Code of Ethics of the Association of Executive Search consultants which requires that “… Retained executive search consultants conduct their activities with… Equal Opportunity of Employment and respect for the public interest.”


This code also includes objectivity and the promise to avoid conflicts of interest and, of course, maintaining the confidentiality of both client and candidate is of the utmost importance.


We have each lived by the above principles and will represent each client accordingly.


Bill Wood                                    Joe Bob Lake

Partner                                         Partner